Our Approach

Regardless of delivery method or sector of the market, Boyer’s approach to commercial construction remains consistent: exceed expectations of quality and safety, maintain clear lines of communication with all involved parties, stay on schedule, control costs, and treat every project as if we were the end user. Check out the ways we serve our clients.


The most important phase of any construction project occurs long before grading or digging begins. Involving us at the start of design work adds value, management and control to the entire process; potentially producing significant savings to an owner through value engineering and an early price guarantee.

We’ll guide you through budgeting, scheduling, site review, project delivery and conceptual planning in a way that is tailored to your specific needs.

  • Pre-development and due diligence activities
  • Program and scope development
  • Site management and building fit
  • Cost management and review
  • LEED Analysis and Feasibility
  • Design team collaboration and coordination
  • Communication of progress to owner by weekly meeting minutes
  • Total project delivery phasing and scheduling
  • Constructability review
  • Development of an early Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • Scope management and definition
  • Pursuit of LEED designation cost estimate
  • Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) Systems evaluation
  • Schedule key milestone dates and critical path activities
  • Cost – benefit analysis of alternative construction materials and techniques
  • Alternates research, analysis and associated pricing for “wish list” items
  • Sub-contractor and trade pre-qualification and solicitation
  • Key sub-contractor involvement to utilize expertise in their respective trade

Delivery Method

We’re equipped to execute a variety of comprehensive services to meet your commercial construction needs.

Design/Build, also known as ‘single-source responsibility’ is a process in which one entity is responsible for both architecture/engineering and construction under a single contract. A Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) contract offers the opportunity to determine the total cost early in the process and give owners a strong level of control. Additional elements of design/build include:

  • Single contract held between owner and design/builder;
  • Qualifications selection process;
  • Increased communication between owner and design/builder;
  • Increased accountability by the service provider;
  • Competitive subcontractor price competition.

The traditional approach to project delivery, design-bid-build calls for the owner to hold a contract with the architect/engineer team and a low-bid, lump-sum contract with the general contractor. As the success of Integrated Project Delivery (CM@Risk, Design/Build, CM-Agency) continues to grow, the utilization of Design-Bid-Build has declined. Design-Bid-Build does not take advantage of the collaboration between the Owner, Design Professional and Construction Manager or cost control by GMP afforded by Integrated Project Delivery. Elements of design-bid-build include:

  • Low bid, lump-sum contracts based on plans and spec’s provided to builder;
  • Value Engineering conducted after bidding, timeline extended for redesign and rebidding;
  • Cheaper is better mentality that demands General Contractor accept lowest subcontractor bid regardless of quality;
  • Construction cost unknown until bidding completed and contract awarded
  • Traditional method of construction delivery.

Under Construction Management at Risk, the Owner holds separate contracts for architectural/engineering services and construction. A professional approach to construction, Construction Management is characterized by:

  • A qualifications selection process;
  • Reduced risk through establishment of GMP;
  • A collaborative team approach during design development;
  • Cost control and ongoing value analysis;
  • Capitalizing on the competitive subcontractor bid market;
  • Substantial time savings by overlapping phases.

Construction Management Agency is a fee-based service in which the Construction Manager acts as the owner’s representative during all phases of the project from pre-construction through final closeout. Construction Management Agency differs from Construction Management at Risk because the Construction Management Agency does not hold any subcontracts. The owner holds contracts with the Construction Management Agency, Architect/Engineer, and General Contractor. Other elements include:

  • Design team procurement
  • Construction procurement
  • Pre-construction coordination
  • Cost estimating and planning
  • Construction management and site logistics

LEED Construction

Our founder, Brian Boyer, has been on the cutting edge of Green Building in Columbia, SC for the past 8 years. Our team has the experience and resources to guide clients looking for sustainable design and construction. With LEED Accredited Professionals, we can develop solutions to achieve the necessary LEED credits and evaluate alternatives to meet sustainability objectives with a constant watch on the budget, overall project goals and quality standards.

Historic Preservation

Our team is well-versed in the restoration process and has experience working with the State Historic Preservation Office, the Bailey Bill Historic Tax Credits, Historic Columbia, and other regulatory professionals. A winner of multiple historic preservation awards, we’ve safely executed historic preservation projects in downtown business districts. Our construction professionals enjoy preserving and revitalizing structures that contribute to the historical, architectural, and cultural heritage of our communities.